A Citizen Of Heaven.

A Citizen Of Heaven. I have many titles. Business Owner. US Marine. US Citizen. American. Earthling. Man. But the one that is most important to me, is A Citizen Of Heaven. I was born and raised on Earth in the state of Massachusetts in the most advanced country The United States of America. I went to public schools and we did not have enough money for me to go to college. I went into the US Marine Corps at the age of 19. I served 4 years active duty and left because I did not like the politics. I served under President Reagan and worked on some of the most advanced electronics systems of the times. I am a proud American Citizen and Marine Veteran. I have also known that I am a citizen of Heaven from the age of 7. I am watched over and held to a stricter standard then most people here on Earth. I have studied this world, its peoples, its cultures, and its religions. I have studied math and science my entire life and been obsessed with going to Heaven. Star travel and all the technological advances necessary to achieve it.


The UFOs many people see, are real and highly advanced by our standards, but are just like the cars in our society. Some have tourists that are visiting and observing the primitive peoples and cultures. Some have scientists that observe and keep this great experiment on track and work here. Some are automated and remote controlled as the drones of today are. All of them are simple to God/Allah/Yahweh, and just tools that he uses. I have seen only a few UFOs when I was young, but those still put our technology today to shame. I have seen people around me sometimes controlled as if they were themselves merely biological robots. People made to say and do things, or stopped from saying or doing things. My wife has even had lit cigarettes suddenly appear and drop on her as I was in my office just ten feet from her. These are the things they have shown me that they are capable of.

May God Guide Us To Him And Heaven

I am a Citizen of Heaven, and I desire to be in Heaven, but I fear that even there, I will be different from others. I was told when I was young, that I am a prince and to find my way back. My eyes have actually glowed twice in my life and this causes me great concern, for I have only read of one kind of being that this occurs to. Angels. And the worst of it, is that my name is Michael. The conclusion is beyond belief but I can be no other. We are in the EndTimes and we must all prepare for judgement. Make yourselves worthy, for God/Allah/Yahweh will arrive in my lifetime and the prophecies shall be fulfilled as written. The Earth and all its residents are about to know God/Allah/Yahweh and see his awesome power. The Evil shall be cleansed from the Earth and no Mortal being shall escape judgement. All I can say, is prepare and repent, or face the wrath of God/Allah/Yahweh, which no one on Earth can withstand unless God/Allah/Yahweh wills it. God Bless All The Righteous And Guide Them To Be Worthy Of Entering Heaven And Receiving His Wonderful Gifts.

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