Conquer The World.

Conquer The World. History has many episodes of war-like societies attempting conquest all the way up to global conquest. The last society to attempt global domination was Nazi Germany. The cruelty of Nazi Germany is well documented. The work camps where millions were slave labor to advance the projects and plans of the Third Reich. The concentration camps where social, religious, and ethnic cleansing, caused the death of millions of people. Some were killed with bullets, others various gases, and some were used as human experiments for genetic, chemical, and biological, development experiments. The Nazi War Machine held and spread the belief, that they were the superior Aryan Race, and that all others were inferior to them and therefore existed only to serve them and/or be exterminated by them. Fascism is the building of military, industry, and society, for the purpose of war, conquest, territory expansion, and purposed ideology to unite and spread certain social, religious, and ethnic views. Law and Order Systems, Justice Systems, Penal Systems, Voting Systems, Educational Systems, Military Defense Systems, and Guaranteed Personal Rights and Freedoms, are all required to ensure a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable republic, immune to becoming this way.

Globalists seek to weaken nation’s using any means possible to reach their goal of a one world government under the control of the world’s elite. Creating economic instability can cause the topple an industrial nation very easily. This was attempted against the United States of America in a combined effort by many previous administrations who desire the one world order. The poverty within the United States of America has been steadily increasing and it was done on purpose. Nafta allowed companies to leave this country and make their products in foreign countries and ship them here to increase their personal profits while stagnating manufacturing and jobs here. Every other country in the world charges an import tax, where the US charges an export tax. This was done long ago due to the US being the only manufacturer of many of these products and we remained prosperous due to all the factories and jobs remained in the US. After Nafta it worked against US and though we received cheaper products we were unable to put our population to work. Legal and illegal immigration were accepted before Nafta because we constantly had many unfilled jobs. Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, Food stamps, Workers Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, and Work Safety Programs were implemented to assist the American Citizen and legal Immigrant during times of strife, injury, or illness. The Systems are now being abused and with identity theft even more so. Our national debt has increased dramatically, and we were close to insolvency as a nation recently. Our military spending was drastically reduced, and the welfare programs were drastically increased. The social stresses being placed on the United States of America, are intentionally fanning the flames of socialism and fascism in an attempt to destroy US. The influx of illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, and refugees, has been encouraged so as to weaken this nation and allow the formation of the New World Order. The Democrats used to be for the working class, and the Republicans used to be for big business. This has now changed and is causing much confusion. The Democrats are embracing socialism, communism, fascism and extreme liberalism(also known as anarchy). Republicans are still for big business but they are now for job creation and bringing those big businesses back to the US. Securing our borders is necessary for national defense and security. People, Drugs, Terrorists, Criminals, and Smugglers, need to be stopped.



The United States of America needs to be restored in many areas, or else it will become as a third world country and exist no more. The idiots of this country are falling for the Lies and Deceptions of the Evil Globalists and their Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Liberals. The ideologies that are falsely believing have been tried before and if they research history, religion, politics, and law, they will begin to see the wisdom of our forefathers when they formed this great constitutional republic. The law is supposed to apply to all equally. Law enforcement is required or law becomes only nothing. Judges are required to oversee the implementing of the laws properly. Laws are to be created to benefit all the people of the United States, and not the elite. These are the founding principles and obviously are Not being taught in our schools anymore. The Freedoms and Rights afforded to those within our borders are for those who came and reside here legally. President Trump is battling to restore this great republic and We, The American People, should be assisting him to do so. God/Allah/Yahweh taught the foundations of civilization, and those are faith, laws, judgement, and enforcement. God/Allah/Yahweh also taught us about Heaven, and the ways to enter, and be rewarded. God/Allah/Yahweh also taught us how to know and be Good, and to Evils and Temptations to avoid and not fall prey to. The Idiots of this country need to understand that once the United States of America is restored, then legal immigration and new benefit programs can be increased and/or restored/created. It is Not Evil to place the welfare of the United States and its people ahead of all others. It is actually required by law to do so, in the oath sworn by all citizens, legal residents, and military and government officials. It is Evil to wish to give away your country and the rights and freedoms of its people, for lies and deceptions that will only cause your damnation and the fall of humanity into another dark age that will take thousands of years to recover from again. Learn to read and write, and study math and science, and learn from history, so the whole of humanity can advance forward and our Children can enter Heaven. Do Not embrace Evil and Do Not go down the path of Damnation and Destruction. Respect the Constitution and demand adherence to it. Justice, Law and Order, and the Respect of the Freedoms and Rights of others as granted under them. To give rights to foreigners that do not come here legally is wrong. To attempt to take away the rights of Citizens and legal residents, or to place them in unnecessary danger, is wrong and if done on large scale, Evil. Many people want to come to this great republic for a better life, but they must adhere to our laws, and respect the rights and freedoms of those who live here and were invited to live here. God/Allah/Yahweh taught us many things about Righteousness and Evil. Learn and do not become Evil.




May God/Allah/Yahweh Bless And Guide All Along The Path Of Righteousness And Good, And May God/Allah/Yahweh Destroy All From Earth And Heaven.

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