The Truth, And The Lies Of Inaction.

The Truth, And The Lies Of Inaction. We, the American People, have been told the Russians hacked the DNC server. Almost 2 years later, and still no one from FBI, CIA, NSA, Special Counsel, or any law enforcement agency, has generated search warrant and seized the DNC that is supposed to contain the evidence that Russia hacked it and then gave the emails to Wikileaks to affect the election. The evidence has probably been erased already. No indictments have been made against Guccifer 2.0 or the Russian government, yet we see indictments for Russian social media ads in Russian. Why is this?

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If the intelligence agencies are correct in this assessment that they made public and put sanctions on Russia and ousted diplomats, then how come there has been no collaborating evidence? President Trump has questioned this assessment from the beginning but the American People have seen no action based upon it by the Special Counsel. You would think that all the evidence necessary for the assessment would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, Russia’s guilt, yet nothing has come of it. Instead all attention seems to on the false claims within the fake dossier.


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What about the Russian bank server pinging the Trump server? Has anyone pursued that? Why has no one from the CIA, FBI, or NSA been questioned on this assessment or the evidence to back it up?


President Trump should order an investigation into the CIA, NSA, and FBI, regarding this.


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