Foreign Army Crosses The Border.

Foreign Army Crosses The Border. 50.000 foreigners illegally crossing our border should be considered an invasion by a foreign army, and it happens each month. Each month the CBP (customs and border patrol) apprehend 50,000 people entering the United States illegally, and then they are given due process and even allowed to claim asylum. Imagine an army of 50,000 soldiers crossing our border. What should our response be?? Welcome to the USA?? The response would and should be, that our borders have been breached, and that the military be dispatched to destroy the invading army.


Please note: this photo shows less than 1000 troops.

Now imagine a foreign government having its soldiers dress up as civilians, and have them cross the border in small groups. Are they still an invading army?? Yes, they are. But according to our immigration laws they can be let in, if they claim to be refuges or ask for asylum. Now imagine a criminal organization training family units or unaccompanied minors to cross the border so they can set up their organization inside that country?? These scenarios should bother all Americans, yet they are all to real today. The enemies of the United States are many, and they are not stupid. They are playing the emotions of the American People so they come in this way.



This is an invading army and they should be treated as such. Many will make claims that they have been taught to use so they can gain entry. Look at MS-13 as an example. We should be treating these people as invaders, unless they come by means of port of entry. The CBP should work in unison with the military to stop these invaders who pose a clear and present danger to the American People, even if they dress the part of poor people seeking a better life. Crime, Drugs, Weapons, Smuggling Goods and People, can all interpreted as invasion by a foreign army that our supposed ally nations have allowed to make it to our borders.

It is an act of war to violate another nations borders without permission. Why is it Not treated as such when an ally allows our borders to be breached??

The United States of America is sovereign nation, to violate its borders, is an act of war. Obviously, the American People have forgotten this small fact.

God Bless America And Protect And Save Her.



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