Save The Evidence. Take Them Down.

Save The Evidence. Take Them Down. We, the American People, are seeing evidence and witnesses disappearing in regards to the corruption within our government and its agencies. President Trump needs to order that the evidence be confiscated and secured so prosecution can occur of those who attempted a frame up and soft coup of his presidency. Too much evidence is beginning to go missing, and must be retrieved and secured. The Evil Globalists, and Un-American Radical Democrats, along with their conspirators, need to be rounded up, Tried, and Executed, for Sedition and Treason. Many of them have sworn to protect the United States of America and the US Constitution, and have betrayed their oath and duties. Evil has invaded the US Government and must be purged. The DOJ and FBI are slow walking evidence in hopes of making the statute of limitations run out on their crimes. They want to bury the investigations and begin the destruction of the United States of America, all over again. The time has come for President Trump to order the documents and evidence be produced, retrieved, and secured, so the trails and executions can begin. Justice is Not being served and if Law and Order are Not enforced than the United States of America is Lost.

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God/Allah/Yahweh Is Watching And If Justice Is Not Restored, Then God/Allah/Yahweh Will Judge And Punish Accordingly. The battle for your souls is underway, and Good shall triumph over Evil. Truth shall Destroy Lies and Deceptions. The Righteous shall be Blessed by God/Allah/Yahweh. Choose wisely, for God/Allah/Yahweh, has ultimate power and has laid down his laws, and warned all through the prophecies. Fear God/Allah/Yahweh, and make yourselves worthy in his eyes, or face his wrath and eternal damnation. The choice is yours, but you have been warned. Glory To God/Allah/Yahweh, Now And Forever.

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