Explain How You Can Hate President Trump !!??

Explain How You Can Hate President Trump !!?? What has President Trump done to deserve such hate from the Liberal Left? Has he started a war? Has he destroyed the economy? Has he weakened the Military? Has he spied on American Citizens? Has he taken away any of the rights of American Citizens? Does he worship the Devil and claim there is no God? Has he weakened law enforcement and made crime rates rise? Has he increased your taxes and made the national debt double? No, he has Not done any of these things. Instead he has avoided war. He has the economy booming. He has strengthened the Military and is repairing the VA. He has Not spied on American Citizens but has been the victim of spying, false accusations, and an attempted soft coup. He has stood for the Rights of every American Citizen. He has brought back God/Allah/Yahweh and freedom of religion. He has strengthened law enforcement and crime rates are down in many areas already. He decreased corporate and personal taxes, and the booming economy has more than paid for those tax decreases. Here is a website that keeps track of President Trump’s accomplishments. http://www.magapill.com Check it out and see if you realized how much President Trump has accomplished. The hate for President Trump is beyond belief, and we the American People would like to know why you hate our President? If all you can point to is the Phony Russia Investigation, and that he is extremely rich, then you need to open your eyes and see the truth.

The Globalists want to destroy the United States of America so they can take over and have their One World Order. President Trump is a Nationalist as was Ronald Reagan. President Trump has strengthened the military and the economy of the USA. Unemployment is already at record lows. The stock market has remained about 5-6000 above what it was before President Trump was elected. The opioid crisis is being worked on. The southern border is being secured. The North Korean threat may be over. ISIS is nearly all destroyed. What can you hate President Trump for? Do you hear large numbers of our troops dying? No. Do you hear other nations threatening the USA? No. Are Opioid deaths increasing? Have not heard that they are. We are the American People, and we respect our nation, our flag, and our President. If you hate President Trump, you need to provide valid reasons for it. Just because you are a Globalist, a Democrat, a rino, a liberal, a satan worshipper, an evil Un-American, an atheist, a terrorist, or just a screw up that wants the system to take care of you, you have no right to hate President Trump.

God Will Judge You For Your Hate, And If It Is Based On Lies And Deceptions, It is Still Held Against You, For you Are Supposed To Learn Right From Wrong, And Light From Dark. Your Own Actions And Deeds Determine If You Will Go to Heaven Or Hell.

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