Prepare The Military !! Protect The President !!

Prepare The Military !! Protect The President !! The threats against the President and the First Family must be taken seriously. They attempted to assassinate President Reagan and they will do so against President Trump. Prepare the Military to implement action against all who are conspiring to Harm or Kill President Trump and members of the First Family. The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats, Globalists, and Sympathizers, must be warned that if any harm comes to President Trump, The First Family, or Members of his Cabinet, the Military will implement swift action to Collect, Charge by Military Tribunal, and Publicly Execute them. This is NOT a game and we do not want to see history repeat itself. The Patriotic Americans who love God, Country, and Freedom, must spread the word that such an attack will be met with Military Might the likes of which has Not been seen since 9/11. The President of the United States of America, represents our Great Republic and the American Citizens, and shall be treated with respect and dignity. Threats to our President and his Family are to be viewed as threats against Our Nation and Its People. We will Protect our President and Defend Him and our Nation. God Protect President Trump, The First Family, And the United States of America.

Remember, Protect The President.

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