Obama Administration Used Foreign Spy Agencies Also.

Obama Administration Used Foreign Spy Agencies Also. President Trump and the US Congress need to have all information brought to the attention of the world and to convict all persons involved in this frame up and attempted coup of a duly elected United States President. The actions of the Obama Administration are treasonous and the traitors need to be brought to justice and punished. It is bad enough weaponizing our intelligence agencies, but they also colluded with allied spy agencies and possibly Russian spy agencies, to subvert the campaign, election, and presidency of our President Trump. Why is it that the Mueller investigation did not turn this up and pursue? The Mueller investigation is a sham and due to these events and their failure to disclose and pursue is treasonous sedition, gross negligence, and dereliction of duty. Criminal charges are needed against Mueller and any and all persons involved in this outrageous breach of ethics and cover up. It is now clear that Military Investigations and Tribunals are now required to bring Justice and to catch all the players involved in these treasonous acts. They attempted to incite war with Russia, and colluded with Ally spy agencies to stop the election, and impede the presidency of President Trump. Foreign relations with all countries involved in these actions should be seriously questioned and maybe even considered acts of war. This is unacceptable and demands a strong response. Put the troops on high alert and round up the seditious traitors and let the military tribunals begin. God Save And Bless America, And Destroy All Her Enemies Foreign And Domestic.



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