President Trump VS New World Order.

Dear President Trump,

The time has come for you to order a complete investigation of the former Obama Administration. The conspiracy and coordination of the Agencies of The United States of America, as well as Foreign Powers both Ally and Hostile, to stop your election and overthrow you if elected, are very apparent to the American People. The laws, rules, and regulations, of The United States of America, have been broken, twisted, and distorted, in an attempt to get rid of you, and go against the wishes of the American People who want to “Make America Great Again”. The American People are proud of you, and The United States of America is once again becoming Great and recovering under your leadership. God has truly blessed The United States of America and you are blessed and guided by his almighty hand, for there is no other way to explain the victories over the evil that sought to destroy US. Truth and The Rule of Law must be restored, if we are to survive this battle of good vs evil. The American People reject the New World Order (Globalists) that would destroy US and create a system resembling feudalism where the masses are controlled by keeping them ignorant and filling them with lies and deceits. The Power and Will of God, will not be thwarted by the evil people who think they can maintain control over the Children of God. Mr. President, you must fight these evil people with Truth, Understanding, and the restoration of our US Justice system. The evil people have infiltrated the highest levels in our government and society, and you are the only one who can restore our Great Republic of The United States of America back to the enforcement of the US Constitution and the principles upon which make this nation Great. Mr. President, clean out the filth and corruption in the Executive Branch. You have the right to demand the investigations be undertaken. You have the right to demand the unredacted documents Congress is seeking, to be brought to you. You have the right to fire anyone in the executive branch who disobeys a direct lawful order from you. You are the CEO of the executive branch, and the Commander in Chief of the US military. Mr. President, use your article 2 constitutional powers to clean house in the executive branch and agencies, and make the American People proud of you once again. God Bless President Trump And The United States Of America.

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