The Fight To Save The United States of America.

The Fight To Save The United States of America. The American People are Not stupid or idiots. The Un-American Radical Democrats, their Cronies, and the Main Stream Media, are the enemies of the American People. Instead of admitting to the truth and seeking to expose it, and correct it, they are trying to tell us that it is okay to spy on your own citizens, even if they are running for president, as long as it is to benefit them. Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest crooks we have seen in a long time, but they exonerate her before interviews, give immunity to all her cronies, let them destroy evidence, and even let them destroy subpoenaed evidence, and never treated her the way they treated President Trump, without any evidence. Where is innocent until proven guilty? Where are the investigations, indictments, and trials of those that evidence has been found against? Has the DNC server been seized and search to verify the Russian hacking? Has the Russian bank server that was pinging the Trump server been investigated? I remember the Russian bank asking for help from US to determine who hacked into them. Has the British Spy Christopher Steele been indicted and extradited to the US? Have Hillary Clinton and the DNC been called in to testify about the fake dossier they paid for, and that campaign money paid foreign operatives? What about DWS and the Awan Bros espionage? What about British Intelligence Spying on the Trump campaign at the request of the United States? Why does it look like we have a broken justice system that only goes after republican/conservatives, yet not democrats/liberals? The Mueller investigation was told to investigate Trump/Russia collusion and anything that comes from that investigation. Where are the investigations, indictments, and trials of those on the Hillary Clinton/ Obama side that affected our elections. Where is the investigation into the Obama DHS going into voting machines during the election?




President Trump, we the American People demand action be taken to restore Justice For All and The Rule Of Law.

God Bless America And Make Her Whole Again.

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