God We Thank You For Justice And Truth.

God We Thank You For Justice And Truth. The American People are thankful to God for finally seeing possible justice, and showing us all the Truth behind those who would lead us to evil and are evil. The Un-American Radical Democrats and Globalists have been trying to destroy the United States of America, for years. President Trump is their number one enemy because God has assigned him with the task of protecting the American People and the United States of America. Praise and Thank God for bringing the war between good and evil to the front lines and calling upon all warriors of the Light to battle the warriors of Darkness. Truth and understanding are the bane of those who spread lies and ignorance. Knowledge and intelligence allow us to advance forward and become closer to God. God wants us to advance and become a star faring race. The devil uses lies and deceptions to keep us from reaching this goal. We are capable of so many things but we often fail to achieve our potential due to ignorance and evil desires and intentions. We must overcome the obstacles placed in our path and become the true children of God that he created us to become. God is far advanced compared to us and we are still just children and have much to learn. It is possible that God created us and this planet Earth as a type of proving ground to ensure those that wish to enter Heaven are of the highest caliber and worthy of the gifts of knowledge that God wishes to bestow upon us. Immortality, end of sickness and disease, ability to create energy sources of great power, ability to travel Heaven, ability to learn from God and not abuse what he teaches us for evil purposes. We need to make ourselves worthy of entering Heaven and receiving God’s teachings. God is great and we must make ourselves worthy of being called “The Children of God”.

Our prayers are heard by God and he continues to watch and influence us and this world according to the plan he made and disclosed partially many thousands of years ago. Do your research into the texts of the various religions, but view God as a father figure and a great leader and teacher. Make God proud of you by becoming a son or daughter of him that he can view as worthy of being in his presence and receiving his gifts. Expand yourself in knowledge and understanding so ignorance and evil will not overcome you. Do not let those who ignorant and evil lead you away from God and the gifts he wishes to give to you. God shall judge all of us and he shall destroy those who are evil and unworthy. Fear God for he is superior, immortal, highly advanced, and an extremely powerful leader. Are you worthy of standing before him? Can you say to him that you are worthy of entering Heaven? Can you say to him that you grew in knowledge and understanding? Can you say to him that you want to learn from him and become like him? We all need to look at ourselves and ask if we are on the path to righteousness or the path to destruction? May these words make you closer to the truth and bring you closer to being worthy of God and Heaven.

May God Show You The Way To Righteousness And Make You Worthy Of Being Called A Child Of God. God Bless Those That Fear You And Pursue Knowledge And Understanding To Make Themselves Worthy Of Being With You And Receiving Your Gifts.


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