Failure To Uphold The United States Constitution.

Failure To Uphold The United States Constitution. The President of the United States swore to defend and uphold the US Constitution. Congress swore to defend and uphold the US Constitution. Supreme Court swore to defend and uphold the US Constitution. FBI, DOJ, CIA, swore to defend and uphold the US Constitution. Attorney General swore to defend and uphold the US Constitution. The American People are seeing a total disregard of the US Constitution and a highly corrupt justice system failing to provide equal justice under the law. We are seeing the worst corruption and system failures that our constitutional republic has ever seen.

The Devil and his minions are twisting our laws, ignoring our laws, and making up their own laws, to cause chaos, evil, and ignorance to spread throughout this great republic and the rest of the world. The time of great trouble is upon us now. God Send Down Your Promised Plagues Upon The Evil People Of This World And Protect And Bless The Righteous People. God Show Us The Justice You Promised Us So That We May Bless And Follow You.

The ignorance and corruption of the people sworn to protect and serve the American People, and defend and uphold our constitution is out of control and must be stopped. You took an oath and swore by God, yet you seem to have lost your fear of God. The time has come to choose your side, and God curse you if you turn against him. The American People demand actions, not just words that express our anger and resentment. We, The American People, are law-abiding, God fearing, and becoming impatient with the failings of systems and those we have entrusted with them.

Mr. President, clean out the executive branch of these evil Devil worshipers and bring us back rule of law. Congress, start doing your duties of making laws that benefit this country and the American People, as well as your duty to confirm those positions needed for the new administration. Supreme Court, start reigning in rogue states and judges, and uphold the US Constitution and hold those responsible for attempting to destroy justice system. The time has come for this great republic of the United States of America to function as our forefathers created it to do so. May God Give You The Guidance And Strength To Bring This Nation Back To A Functional Constitutional Republic, And May God Curse Those Who Side With Evil And Unrighteousness.


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