Liberty And Justice For All ???

Liberty And Justice For All ??? They promote free speech for democrats but silence it for republicans. They promote gun control and taking away the second amendment but fail to take the guns from the criminals. They place the rights of illegal immigrants over the rights of US citizens. They fail to enforce our laws and regulations against democrats when the evidence is overwhelming, but can prosecute republicans with little or no evidence. They fail to pursue charges against people who attempted a coup against our President. Obviously our systems are broken and must be repaired when these obvious abuses are allowed.

Our republic built on democracy is in severe jeopardy because without enforcement our laws and regulations to every person residing in the United States of America, we are open to a collapse of our founding principles and will become like one of the other nations of the world. It seems likely that we will become socialist, communist, authoritarian, or dictatorship/monarchy. Our founding fathers put our systems in place with checks and balances to prevent this but since the checks and balances have failed, we may see the country we love and cherish become nothing but a page in history. We, the American People want our nation to function once again, and to have liberty and justice for all.

It seems that the stonewalling by DOJ and FBI is allowing some to escape justice due to statutes of limitations. Is there a statute of limitations on sedition and treason as it relates to an attempted coup to oust a duly elected president? Who handles such cases? It is believed that perhaps this is handled by military tribunals. When will the American People see justice for the man who holds the highest office in the land? What is being done to protect President Trump? Why are these people still walking among us and continuing their plots?

Liberty and Justice For All, is a dead concept if we fail to see justice. We can only hope that God will correct this, for it seems obvious that the United States Law Enforcement and Justice Systems are corrupt and failing the American People. God, We Pray You Bring Justice And Rule Of Law Back To This Great Republic Of The United States Of America, And To The Rest Of The World. God Bless His Warriors Of Truth And Understanding And Give Them Strength In This Battle Against Evil And Ignorance.



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