Warriors of God.

Warriors of God. The time has come to do battle against the evil of the world. Our swords are the Truth. Our shields are Knowledge and Understanding. The army of evil and darkness spreads ignorance through lies and deceits, and false promises. Do not believe them and be led into temptation. God made us promises and always keeps them. God told us the events that would happen and we can see them with our own eyes. To ignore the signs, is to put oneself in ignorance and therefore embrace evil.

Read the books and text that founded your religion and see if your religious leaders are telling you the truth. The roman catholics have a big problem because even inside their bible the laws of God have been changed. The Church took out the second commandment and split the tenth into two. This can be verified by reading Exodus. The muslims have a problem in their Koran, for they tell their followers that Jews and Christians are idolators when all 3 religions believe in the God of Abraham. The jewish have a problem with their Torah in that it fails to address obvious discriminations.

God wants us to be civilized and so he gave us the concept of fair laws for all. God wants us to advance in knowledge and understanding so that we may one day enter Heaven. God does not want evil to enter Heaven therefore he will judge us to ensure that we have followed his laws. The concept of forgiveness belongs to God alone, and is included in the Judgement. The time is fast approaching for the signs are all here. God wants his warriors to remain true, and pursue educating themselves so they will not be ignorant and can receive his rewards. God Bless His Warriors And All Who Pursue Good Works And Deeds. God Walk With You And Guide You Through These Times Of Trouble.

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