United States Systems Failures.

United States Systems Failures. The systems are failing and the United States needs to take action soon, or it will be lost. The three separate branches of government are supposed to be capable of oversight of each other but this is failing and seems unenforceable. The legislative branch and the judicial branch are attempting to restrict the constitutional powers of the executive branch, and are ignoring the problems inside their own branches. The FISA court has not taken any action against the false evidence and perjury used to obtain a title 1 surveillance warrant that allowed the Obama administration to spy on a republican presidential candidate, campaign, transition, and administration. Federal judges have stated that DACA must remain but this is clear overstep into executive power because it was illegally created by executive order by former President Obama. Judicial is supposed to interpret the existing laws not make their own laws that do not exist. Executive orders of previous presidents can be revoked by the sitting president anytime he/she wishes, and the judicial has no say because these are not laws. The legislative branch is supposed to create laws and control the spending of taxpayer money. They are also supposed to provide oversight so corruption does not occur. They are supposed to confirm the president’s cabinet and administration picks, in a timely fashion to guarantee the smooth transition from one administration to another. They have failed miserably in their duties, especially when an administration will not have its people in place until 5 years after the president has finished his first term. Where is the oversight for this clear dereliction of duty by the Senate? The legislative branch has discovered that the previous administration framed the incoming administration, but nothing is being done about it. The legislative branch instead wants to protect a special counsel that clearly is illegal and the president has a right to fire. Again overstep of one branch into another. The executive branch is failing in its duties to enforce the existing laws and provide equal justice under the law. We do not see the transition of one administration to another going smoothly because the nominations are being held up in the Senate. Does the judicial have oversight of the legislative in this matter? Why is it not being pursued?

President Trump needs to start taking control of the executive branch and providing oversight of the other branches because the corruption is out of control. If the Senate fails to confirm nominations he should pursue oversight by the judicial to compel them to do their jobs. If need be he should relocate deepstate personnel and put military personnel temporarily in place until his choices can be properly placed. He needs to order investigations and prosecutions into persons who attempted to frame him and create a soft coup of his presidency. He needs to reestablish the rule of law or we are done as a nation. Mr President, the time has come for you to take charge of the executive branch and show the American People that you are capable of bringing order back to this very corrupt system.

God Bless America And Heal Her Broken Systems So She Can Once Again Be A Beacon Of Truth And Justice For All Her People.

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