God Speaks, But Do You Listen ???

God Speaks, But Do You Listen ??? Do you know how to read and write? If you do not, then you must learn how to. You must read the religious books, so you can listen to God. The God of Abraham has created at least 3 of the worlds religions. Jewish/Torah, Muslim/Koran, and Christian/Bible. There are many differences between these religions, but if you read the religious books, you will also see many things in common. The items that are common to all of them, are the true teachings of God, and what all people should be listening to. That which is different, is the additions made of the various religious leaders, and must be looked at with skepticism. God has told us what he wants from us, and that is to treat each other fairly, and work toward creating a future, that will bring us closer to God and create Heaven on Earth. Knowledge and understanding are to increased and passed on so that we may do our part to further God’s plan for us and our peoples. The laws of God are simple, yet few can follow them. Evil is ignorance, chaos, and lawlessness. The kingdom of God is the vast universe, and soon we will be able to travel to that kingdom and God will make us obey his laws, or destroy us. The Rabbis, Clerics, and Priests were supposed to serve God and educate their people as God instructed them to do. They are all failing in their mission, and should realize that God will punish them for abusing their positions. God leads by example, and wants us to become like him or surpass him. “I am who I am” and “Who is like unto God” are phrases meant to inspire the Children of God. The Devil makes us fail with temptations, because we are born ignorant and must learn to be worthy of Heaven and the praise of God. Every child wants to be worthy of praise from their parents. God wants us to follow his laws and be worthy of the gifts that he has bestowed, and what he wants to bestow.

May God Let His Light Shine Upon You, And Bring You Knowledge And Understanding.

May God Guide Us To Him And Heaven.

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