Extraterrestrials Also Known As Aliens.

Extraterrestrials Also Known As Aliens. Would you know an extraterrestrial if you saw one? The answer is “NO”. The problem with humanity is that we just do not understand anything, or are very limited in our understanding. How many people believe in God, or Gods? Many. What does God look like? What do the Gods look like? Have you actually seen them, or someone else’s picture or description of them? In the ancient past, extraterrestrials/aliens, were viewed as Gods, Angels, Demons, Devils, messengers, teachers, kings, rulers, etc. The legends never say that they were so different from us that we could not communicate with them. Instead the legends state that it was them that taught us law, building, farming, medicine. language, writing, math, and many other skills. If extraterrestrials came here and we treated them as Gods, why did they leave? Legend has it that the King of the Gods, made them leave due to wrongdoings. It is after this event that we rarely hear of Gods on earth, except random encounters. Most of the encounters these days involve Greys and Blues, and those do not live on earth or instruct us except in basic messages that they appear to be told to inform us of. It appears they are a biological robot workforce, used to examine and maintain people and events according to someone’s plan. The technology and vehicles used are far beyond anything on Earth and must therefore be from someplace besides Earth. With what they are capable of doing, they could easily conquer this planet Earth, but they do not. They could also easily come down here and teach us more advanced technologies but they do not. What is their plan? It would appear that they are guiding us. If Heaven is anything beyond Earth, then they may be waiting for us to be able enter Heaven before they show the next part of their plan. This would be a reasonable assumption due to their actions and inactions. The King of the Gods may be the one in complete control of this world, and known to the many different religions by many different names. If we study religions then we see parallel teachings throughout, and also prophecies of what will be. The times  are approaching so prepare.

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