Businessman Vs Politician.

President Trump is a very successful businessman who sacrificed a lot to save the United States of America. We thank God daily for for inspiring Donald J Trump to run for President. God Blessed America and Still Blesses Her. Politicians have been destroying our great nation with their inept beliefs and outright lies and deceptions. President Trump is running the nation as a business, and his America First agenda is restoring our democracy to levels not seen in many decades. President Trump has been attacked more than any President in history. The Un-American Radical Democrats and the Main Stream Media, have committed many crimes to stop President Trump, and obstruct him whenever possible. President Trump will be the first President in history to never have all his appointments requiring Senate approval in place before his first term is up and possibly his second term. The disrespect given to President Trump is causing the American People great anger and agitation. President Trump has restored our economy, placed American Citizens first, brought back American Spirit and pride, is rebuilding our military, restoring foreign policy in the world, restoring allegiance to the US republic, restoring faith in God, restoring law enforcement, restoring rule of law, and protecting our people and borders. President Trump has also brought other successful business people to assist him in his restoration of our great nation. The President has set up a cabinet that is so successful that they can accomplish things without the government corruption that has plagued us for so long. Many politicians are scared and not seeking reelection because they can longer get bribes, kickbacks, or keep their wrongdoings secret. Many other politicians have embraced President Trump’s America First Agenda, and they can see that it is working and benefiting the American People. The American People support President Trump, and look forward to seeing this Great Nation Great Again.

God Bless America and Bring Heaven On Earth. God Bless The Faithful And Righteous Who Pursue Justice, Truth, And Understanding.

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