United States Fails To Enforce Rule Of Law.

The United States was built on a constitution and bill of rights, yet today it fails to enforce the rule of law equally on all its citizens and residents. The events of the last 2 years have shown a disregard of the rule of law, depending on who you are. We have seen illegal immigrants granted rights they are not entitled to. We have seen an unpeaceful transfer of power, attempted frame job, and attempted coup of an incoming president. We have seen failures to prosecute obvious crimes. We have seen failures to recuse and obvious conflicts of interest in many investigations. We have seen government organizations failing to comply with Congressional and Presidential orders. We see judges making decisions to interfere with presidential and congressional orders. We see judges and Congress failing to file charges for perjury, contempt, and false statements.

The Rule of law must be restored or the American People will revolt. The President may have to declare martial law, and have the military cleanse the offenders. This is a very real possibility in the not so far future, if the systems are not made to work properly. We have a revolt and attempted coup being performed by the previous administration. This situation is unacceptable and could lead to the Citizens of the United States taking arms against its own government to restore Rule of Law and American Rights. The American People are watching, and if they do not see improvement soon about restoring our systems, then all hell is going to break loose.

God Bless America. God Give The American People The Will And Strength To Take Back Their Country And Restore Their Laws And Traditions.

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