God Appointed President Trump As Part Of His Plan.

God Appointed President Trump As Part Of His Plan. Let it be known that God guides and directs this world and all its people including President Trump. Many of you fail to see God’s greatness and wisdom. God made Donald Trump run for President. God had all of you vote for Donald Trump. God gives President Trump the Strength and Endurance to do the job he directed him to do. God made a billionaire with the best life had to offer, run for, and win, the Presidency of the United States of America. The Un-American Radical Democrats did everything they could to rig the election for Hillary Clinton. They had illegals vote. They had the dead vote. They had the criminals vote. They hacked the election machines they could. They spied on Candidate Trump. God gave the American People the will to vote for Donald Trump to be President. They tried to frame President Trump with Russia collusion to overthrow his Presidency. God gave him a Republican Congress to allow him to have the intelligence committees to be able to bring their corruption to light. FISA and the NSA were abused, but the President could not tell the American People because of the federal gag order that prevents disclosure. God made all this possible and still people refuse to believe. Let the faithful of God know that President Trump was chosen to lead this nation, by none other than God himself. God Bless America and His Believers.

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