The Return of The United States of America. Enemies Beware !!!

The United States of America is returning from the brink of destruction. The American economy is booming. The American Spirit is returning to its people. The American Military is strengthening and the world is learning to fear its might once again. The Main Stream Media keeps attacking our President Trump and putting forward their Un-American Radical Democrat agenda, but their ratings are going down and their funds are drying up. The Un-American Radical Democrats are being exposed, and their crimes are coming to light. Spying on political opposition candidates, targeting opposition groups, rigging elections using cyber and illegal immigrant voting, illegal use of intelligence agencies and abilities, teaching our youth to hate America and embrace Un-American Radical Democrat views, weakening our Military, destroying our economy, weakening law enforcement, protecting illegal immigrants over American citizens, removing American Traditions and History, removing the belief in God and religious freedom, aiding the enemies of the United States, attempting to overthrow a duly elected President Trump, conspiring to destroy the United States of America, obstructing the political appointees of our duly elected President, and many more. The Un-American Radical Democrats have conspired to weaken and destroy our great nation from the outside and the inside. The American People have been duped by these Un-American Radical Democrats for far too long. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights are being severely abused, and our rule of law is being ignored. The Truth is no longer being told, and lies and propaganda are being spread as if Truth. Our children are not being taught properly, and parents should be very worried. Handwriting is gone. Proper english is gone. Arithmetic and math are gone. History is distorted now. Calculators, computers, and smartphones, are being used instead of pencil and paper. Our children are idiots without their toys. Our children are the future, and the parents and schools are supposed to prepare them. The American People need to return to basics and make sure our children are prepared for the future.

The future is not as it is today. Electricity, combustion, and propulsion, are merely steps in technological advancement. Fusion, photonic circuitry, and field drives, are the next step in technological advancement. Imagine a country having hand held laser weapons, fusion power, field drive vehicles that defy gravity, field drive vehicles that allow rapid star travel, and shields that can repel attacks. The country that enters that phase first will dominate the world. The technologies of today can not withstand against such technology, and that is why UFO’s and aliens are feared so much. The United States of America is going to be the nation that first gets this technology, because God has deemed it so. The future is brighter than anyone realizes, but their will be drastic changes that this world can not imagine.

God Bless America. God Bless The True American People Who Believe In Him.

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