Prepare For War !!! Defend Our President !!!

Democratic congressman’s call to arms against our President. Former Obama Administration officials and Democratic Politicians are making threats against our President. We, The American People are ready to take up arms to protect our President. Active duty and reserve military are prepared to defend our nation and president. Veterans are prepared to defend also. NRA members are prepared to defend also. God, Country, and Family, will be defended, and any who attack us, foreign or domestic, will feel the wrath of the True American People. War and threats of war will not be tolerated, against our country, our President, or our Rights and Freedoms. The Un-American Radical Democrats are on the verge of war with the True and Righteous American People. Former President Obama is holding secret meetings, and his cronies are in meltdown mode, and the Democratic Party is making threats against the American People and their duly elected President Trump.

Former President Obama, his administration, and the Democratic Party, have violated the laws of the United States of America. They absolved Hillary Clinton of obvious crimes. They spied on Candidate Trump using British Intelligence and our NSA/FISA in an attempt to influence our Presidential Elections. When that failed, Obama set in motion the framing of the Russians, and the framing of President-Elect Trump with colluding with the Russians. President Trump would have been impeached, because anything dealing with the FISA court is ultra top secret and can not be spoken about due to a federal gag order regarding the court. Thank God that the intelligence committees are held by the Republicans, and President Trump was smart enough to request they investigate. Due to this, the conspiracy against our President, can be brought to light, and now justice can be served. The American People are watching, and waiting. The Democratic Party is in a lot trouble right now, and these calls to arms and threats are a last ditch effort of theirs to stay out of jail. Conspiring to overthrow a sitting President is a high crime at minimum and Treason/death penalty at maximum.

President Trump is saving our country. President Trump has brought back jobs and the economy is booming. President Trump is rebuilding our depleted military and taking care of our veterans. President Trump has brought God back to the USA. President Trump has brought our foreign policies in line with America First. President Trump is bringing back law and order. President Trump is strengthening our law enforcement. President Trump deserves the chance to Make America Great Again. President Trump deserves to have his people confirmed and put in office as all previous presidents have. President Trump deserves the dignity and respect of the People of the World, as has every other president. President Trump deserves dignity and respect from the American People.

President Trump is The President of the United States of America, The Commander in Chief of all US military, and Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Branch.

God Bless The USA and President Trump.

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