Conspiracy Against President Trump Confirmed !!!

Former President Obama and his administration illegally spied on the Trump Campaign, Transition, and Presidency, yet Special Counsel has never investigated, interviewed, or indicted, anyone that participated in these illegal activities. President Trump is the victim of a treasonous plot, to first stop him from being elected, and then to frame him so he could be impeached and ousted from Presidency. The evidence coming out of all the investigations by Congress and the DOJ OIG have confirmed that this is the case, yet we see a special counsel that only pursues targeting of President Trump and his associates. The Special Counsel is being negligent in his duties by not pursuing all criminal activity discovered during his investigation. It must also be noted that most of the evidence against President Trump and his associates, will be thrown out by the court system due to illegal search and seizure, because the FISA warrant was obtained illegally. The Special Counsel investigation has also failed to pursue the hacking of the DNC server, the hacking of a Russian bank server to ping the Trump server, the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign, transition, and Whitehouse, the illegal leaks of classified information, as well as the coordination and conspiracy of the Obama administration and executive branch officials to first effect our elections and then overthrow the US President Trump. The American People will never accept anything the Special Counsel brings forth, due to the many conflicts of interest, poisonous fruit, and obviously biased investigation.

The American People are neither stupid nor blind and we desire fair application of the rule of law to all people within the United States of America. We are not seeing this and we are watching everything. We are not pleased that the President of the United States of America is the innocent victim of an attempted rigging of his election and an attempted soft coup of his presidency. The criminals responsible for this are still at large and do not appear to be under investigation except for Attorney General and the DOJ OIG. We are being patient but refusal of action against these criminals will cause a severe reaction if action is taken against our President Trump. Be warned that the American People are very much awake and ready to take action against Un-American Radical Democrats and their flunkies.

May God Bless The United States of America and See Her Through These Dark Times.

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