The American People VS The Un-American People.

We, the American People are tired of being attacked and abused by the Un-American People inside our own nation. The United States of America belongs to the American People. The American People are those who hold citizenship and love their country. The American People are the only ones who can vote in US Elections, yet we have Un-American People who do not hold citizenship or love of our country, actually casting votes in our elections. Our republic is in danger of being destroyed from within due to this. What would happen to an American citizen if they attempted to vote in a foreign nation? So why is it being allowed here? The American People are not stupid, but we are the kindest people in the world. The kindness of the American People has allowed the Un-American People to put us down and make us believe that we must always be kind to them. Our kindness has been abused and it’s time for the American People to remove the crutch and make the Un-American People inside our nation, to either become like us, or leave our country. The United States of America and American Citizenship, were once held in high esteem and everyone around the world wanted to be like us and to live in our great country. Those times are returning, thanks to President Trump. The Un-American Radical Democrats have had us become the crutch for the Un-American around the world, and we have seen a steady decline due to this. Many American People have been protesting President Trump and his policies, but we will lose our country and become a third world welfare state if this is not done. The Un-Americans are in a state of meltdown and making accusations that we are being mean to them and that we should be more kind to them. They feel that we should let them have more rights than ourselves. When a person injures their leg, we give them a crutch, until their leg heals. We take the crutch away after they have healed, and make them walk again. If we do not remove the crutch, they will be forever crippled, and always looking for others to support them. This is where we are now. The fruits of American Laborers are being given to Un-Americans, and the American Laborer has been seeing their country and their way of living decline rapidly. 50 years ago, a family with only one working member, could afford a house and a car. Today a family has to have all adults working and still can not afford a house, but they all have to have cars. The American Dream is gone for most American Laborers, so many go on welfare programs and quit the Labor force altogether because they can not get ahead. President Trump is bringing back factories and businesses and reducing dependency on welfare programs, effectively removing the crutch and making people work again. The United States of America and the American Citizen, are being put first, so we can get back on our feet and start building our country again. The American People are proud and at their best when they are working to better themselves and our great country. The United States and the American People want our standard of living back, and once that occurs, then we can be kind again, not before. Remember the old phrase, give a man a fish and you fed him for day, teach him how to fish and you have fed him for life. The Un-American Radical Democrats give us fish, President Trump and the American Republicans are teaching us to fish once again.

God Bless America and Make Her and Her People Great Again.

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