Un-American Radical Democrats Have Still Not Been Charged ?

Why is it that an attempted soft coup against the sitting president, President Trump, has seen no indictments from Mueller Investigation, or DOJ ? The American People are not stupid and we are not blind. Robert Mueller has shifted to the UAE when Russia Collusion is pointing to the Un-American Radical Democrats. It would appear that the Special Counsel is going after President Trump for anything he can find, yet avoiding the evidence that has surfaced that clearly shows Obama/Clinton people were in collusion with Russia, and attempting to affect our elections. If AAG Rosenstein has allowed Special Counsel to expand investigation areas without pursuing the known criminal activity that has surfaced then both of them need to be fired for obstruction of justice, gross negligence, and dereliction of duty. The high crimes of Treason, Abuse of Power, and Conspiracy to Overthrow A Sitting US President are being ignored, and heads should roll. If the Dept of Justice and Special Counsel are refusing to pursue these crimes, then they must be fired and replaced with Military Justice and Intelligence to ensure that our Great Republic and its President are safe from these Traitors.

AG Sessions needs to un-recuse himself and take charge of the DOJ or he should be fired with AAG Rosenstein and replaced with people who will do their jobs, instead of just ignoring the high crimes that have been committed.

May GOD Bless THE USA.

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