God Bless The United States of America.

The United States of America is seeing a resurrection of itself. The economy is recovering beautifully, religion and morals are returning, our military is being repaired, and the American Spirit is on rise. We thank God for blessing our country and giving us a President who cares about the American Citizens. The American People have a true People’s President in President Trump. He has kept nearly 65% of his promises and has only been in office a little more than a year. The attacks by the Un-American Radical Democrats who want to destroy this nation are seen by anyone with half a brain. The rights of the American People and the laws of the United States are finally being upheld. The Trump/Collusion with Russia has now been exposed as the hoax as it is and the Sins of the Un-American Radical Democrats are now coming into the light. President Trump was spied on by the Obama Administration, during his campaign, during his transition, and during the beginning of his Presidency. The leaks and leakers are now being uncovered. The abuses of power and the pay for play corruption of the previous administration are being uncovered. The conspiracy to overthrow a sitting President by his predecessor are being uncovered. All the people involved in this conspiracy are being uncovered. God has truly blessed us and it will be by his will, that the injustices of the Un-American Radical Democrats, will be revealed and punished. The American People and our Military, are the Army of Light and Truth that God has blessed and placed on Earth to battle the Army of Darkness that would destroy us and keep us ignorant and evil. The United States of America is a nation of rights and laws, written by our forefathers, and endowed by the Almighty God. There are many enemies, but the spreading of ignorance is the most dangerous and easiest to use. The spreading of lies and false information have been destroying us from within and without. To be a true member of the Army of Light and Truth, we must strive to be the best God-fearing people we can, and to hold truth and honesty to the highest standard. We must be able to seek the Truth so we can know when our enemies are lying and planning deceit. May God Bless All Who Seek Truth And To Live In His Everlasting Light.

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