President Trump Should File Lawsuits Against United States Government Agencies.

President Trump should now be filing lawsuits against all US Government agencies involved in the illegal spying on his Campaign, Transition, and Presidency. President Trump is the victim of the largest case of abuse of power in American history, and should pursue charges against all agencies and persons so he can clear his name, and the American People can see the Truth. The American People want to see our Justice system work as it should. President Trump should file lawsuit to, not only clear his name, but to expose the lies and deceits by the previous administration officials and the Main Stream Media. The American People will not know the whole truth unless this is done, due to the nature of government cover-ups. The lawsuits can be filed as separate organizations so the President does not have to appear unless he wants to, aka Trump Campaign, Trump Transition, and Trump Administration. The American People are not blind or stupid, and many know that the Obama Administration spied illegally on our President Trump and his team, they tried to frame him in an attempt to overthrow or impeach, and they set up the resist movement in an attempt to stifle his agenda. These crimes may be hard to prosecute in criminal court, but can easily be prosecuted in civil court. The President needs to clear his name, and expose the Un-American Radical Democrats for their actions and crimes, as well as provide undeniable Truth to counter the MSM false narratives.

God Bless America. God Bless Our US President.

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