Safety Does NOT Equal Gun Control.

Safety does Not equal gun control. Safety can only be assured with perimeter control. Put a wall around that which you to protect. To allow people in and out of the area, you put gates. To restrict when people have access, you lock the gates when they are not to enter. If you wish to restrict weapons from entering the area, you put armed guards and metal detectors at the gates. If you wish to restrict drugs and explosives you add drug and bomb sniffing dogs at the gates. This is done at our government buildings and courthouses, and our prisons and secure military sites. The reason it is done this way, is because it works. Disarming the population violates the 2nd amendment and creates an atmosphere where the armed criminals or government could control the population with no recourse. The United States has not been invaded by a conquering army, due to the general population being armed and able to defend itself.

The mass shootings that have occurred in the schools, can be controlled by the means listed above. Our schools would probably be even safer than are now because gangs would not be able to bring in weapons or drugs also. The mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas is a completely different case. The assailant modified 2 weapons to BE automatic weapons, and used bump stocks on the others to make them  ACT automatic. Having spotters and sharpshooters at large outdoor events is probably the only way to reduce the number of deaths and injuries. The church mass shooting is being handled by having armed personnel present during masses.

Restricting access to guns only makes us less safe, and more vulnerable. The problem with mental illness could easily be solved by making everyone with a gun permit submit to annual or bi-annual mental health checkups. This would ensure that people with mental problems could be identified and receive treatment before they use their weapons on the population. May God Bless America and Give Her The Wisdom To Overcome Such Sad Tragedies.

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