Florida School Shooting.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the students, teachers, and residents in Parkland, Florida. May God Help All Of You In These Trying Times And May He Give You Strength And Comfort. We grieve for those who lost their lives. We pray for those injured to recover. We are saddened for what this community has had to endure, and hope for a full recovery for those affected by this event. We thank God that the number of deaths and injuries was not even greater. The training of the school personnel, teachers, and students, in situations like this, kept the majority of people alive and unharmed. Thank you to all the brave souls, living and dead. Please remember to be strong, brave, and have the courage to overcome and advance from this tragedy. The hearts of the American People are with you, and we grieve with you also.

The evil acts of this young man will see that he remains in jail and may even face the death penalty. His actions are evil and inexcusable. In the coming days we will learn more about this evil man and how he was able to obtain the weapons and equipment, as well what can be done to strengthen our defenses against such attacks.

We have a message for all the American People. “Stay vigilant in these times of trouble, and inform authorities when you think someone wants to do harm to others.” God Bless America, and Protect Her People.

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