President Trump WAS ‘Wiretapped’.

The republican and democratic memos confirm that the Trump campaign, Trump transition, and Trump Presidency, were spied on using US Government NSA Surveillance through FISA warrant obtained using fake dossiers paid for by Clinton campaign and DNC. The Obama administration, Deep State, Main Stream Media, and Democratic Party, have conspired to spy and overthrow a Presidential candidate and President of the United States. The American People are not stupid and the facts are showing that the Democrats used any and all means available, legal and illegal, to try to take down, the Trump campaign and when they lost, the Trump Presidency. President Trump has given up much for the American People and The United States of America, and we thank him for saving our American Spirit and way of life. We thank God for his infinite wisdom and love of this great republic. May God Bless America and Bring Her Back to Greatness.

We pray that justice will prevail and that these traitors will be brought to justice and their treason will be exposed for all to see. Their are many investigations and soon we hope to see the fruit of their labors. We almost lost our republic and thanks to God and President Trump, we see a resurgence in country, religion, military, law enforcement, economy, and American Spirit. We, the American People, love our God, Country, Freedoms, Rights, Rule of Law, and our Great President who is saving our way of life. Thank you President Trump, and thank God for looking after the USA.

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