President Trump And His Mission To Save USA.

The American People are beginning to see the extent of damage that corruption within the US Government can cause. Former President Obama tried to affect the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Donald Trump won the election and became our 45th president, which was an outcome that he refused to accept. He and his deep state shadow government, then conspired to frame President Trump with Russian collusion which would lead to impeachment and his removal. The Changing/Saving event for President Trump was the Congressional Intelligence Committees agreeing to investigate the allegations by President Trump that Former President Obama had wiretapped Trump Towers. If the Congressional Intelligence Committees had been Democrat controlled and refused to investigate, then the conspiracy would have worked and President Trump would have been impeached and removed. The time line of events so far can be viewed at posts and you can judge for yourselves. Our Great Republic was almost destroyed from within, and we thank God that he allowed the events to fall in the correct order that literally saved the United States of America. The time has come to purge the evil from within and bring glory back to God and country. God Bless America and Make Her Shine Under Your Guidance and Protection.

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