ObamaGate. The Democrats Worst Nightmare.

ObamaGate is set to explode, and the Democrats are in total panic. The conspiracy to overthrow an incoming president by the outgoing president is unheard of. The abuse of power goes far beyond what we have publicly seen. The Obama Administration conspired to affect the election process by spying on the political opponents of Hillary Clinton and when that failed they conspired to impeach the incoming president with a phony Russia collusion story that could only be disproved by having the Intelligence Committees of Congress look into it. The federal gag order placed on the President by the FISA courts made it virtually impossible for him to defend himself. Look back at President George W Bush being silenced when he attempted to tell people during a speech due to this. He attempted to put an investigation in the Democrat controlled Intelligence Committees of Congress but they refused to investigate thereby making disclosure to the American People impossible. President Trump would have been impeached if he had not had the Intelligence Committees of Congress look into surveillance at Trump Towers. The President was lucky enough to have a Republican controlled Congress or else Former President Obama’s plan may have worked. Now the Democrats are in panic mode due to the Intelligence Committees revelations of FISA surveillance abuses. This is only the beginning of the investigations of the Obama Administration and all its associates. The charges of collusion and obstruction of justice are made up in attempt to overthrow President Trump. The government corruption, also known as the DC Swamp, fears President Trump and his cabinet because they can and will, expose and remove these elements that are undermining our this great nation. The American People should thank God that President Trump is a highly intelligent and effective leader, or else we might have been destroyed from within from these traitorous elements.

It should also be noted that we have some strings that have not been addressed. The first is the claim that Russia hacked the DNC server. The DNC server was never formally checked by the FBI, but a third party that claimed Russia hacked it and provided the required information. The second is the claim from the Russian bank that was pinging the Trump server, that it was hacked and requested assistance in determining who did it. What information is available about this? The third is in regards to the Obama Whitehouse documents that were sent to the Obama Library. Were the documents ever obtained and looked at? If not, why not. If yes, what did they find in them? Fourth, as to election machines, was it ever determined why some machines were putting votes for President Trump as votes for candidate Clinton? If recollection is correct only one machine did the opposite. Fifth, was Russia falsely accused and sanctioned? If so, then all those involved should be found and convicted of conspiring to incite war. These are just some of the things we still need answers to. I hope someday to know the answers to these questions.

God Bless America and The American People. God bring Justice and Rule of Law back to this nation and world.

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