Democrats Setting Up Voter Fraud.

Democrats are setting up voter fraud ahead of mid term elections. Democratic governors are issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants so they can vote in the midterms. This is the real reason they are warning their people not to cooperate with ICE officials. Voting is supposed to be a privilege granted to only American Citizens yet these criminals are flagrantly setting up their voter fraud system to ensure they remain in power. Spotters will probably be necessary, possibly even ICE agents, at the voter stations to ensure only US Citizens vote. We even had an illegal immigrant vote for 10 years using a fake birth certificate. This type of behavior must end or our democracy is ruined. The time has come for our government to ensure that the privilege of voting remains in the hands of its citizens and not in anyone else’s. Cheaters should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and those that encourage such behavior should removed from office and prosecuted. God Bless America and Bring Back Rule of Law.

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