ObamaGate Coverup is Beginning to Emerge.

Strange how messages are beginning to go missing about crucial timeframes. President Trump and AG Jeff Sessions need to take action immediately to preserve evidence required to take down these traitors to our Great Nation. The American People should be pissed off as hell right now that evidence is going missing that proves that President Trump was targeted by Former President Obama and his cronies in attempt to effect the election and presidency of President Trump. Bring in the military to protect President Trump and to protect the data systems that have the necessary evidence to put these traitors to our country behind bars. How much information has already been lost pertaining to conspiracy to overthrow President Trump, frame Russia in election interference, Uranium One, Clinton pay for play, Obama Administration surveillance of Trump Campaign and Transistion Team, and falsely accusing President Trump of colluding with Russia? This is inexcusable in the greatest republic the world has ever known. The American People can not trust these organizations until they are purged of these traitors. The US Military should be brought in and take control of these investigations, ensure preservation of evidence, and to protect our President. The United States of America is in great jeopardy but not from foreign adversaries, but from traitors within our own government. The Russia witchhunt is over, and ObamaGate is now exposed. We the American People demand that our Great Republic be Protected and right now we only trust our Military to be loyal to the republic. God Bless America and Keep Her Safe. God Protect This Great United States of America and President Trump. God Help The American People to Get The Justice and Rule of Law that this USA has always fought and protected so dearly.

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