Never Amnesty.

Amnesty should never be given to illegal immigrants. They have violated our borders. They have broken our laws. They have failed to assimilate into our society. They have used and abused our schools, hospitals, welfare system, foodstamp system, Medicaid system, vehicular laws, and many other systems. We have heart for the DACA children but not for their parents. We need our borders to be secured. We want the wall. We want the PTS and Visa Lottery programs stopped. We want E-Verify to ensure only American Citizens and legal citizens are working in our country. We want an end to chain migration. We want enforcement our immigration laws. We want all benefits and freedoms to be taken away from illegal immigrants. We want all illegal immigrants removed from our country. We want congress to continue the DACA program for those that are already in the system, but no more. We do not want a path to a green card or citizenship for them. They should feel lucky that we are willing to allow them to stay. The rest of them need to be ejected from the country. If they love this country so much, then they can apply to enter legally, and wait their turn like everyone else. They are working, living, driving, voting, going to school and college, collecting benefits, and breaking our laws. The American People are proud of their country, and want their children to grow up proud of it too. Illegals are not above the law. They are criminals and should be treated as such. We require our American Citizens and legal immigrants to follow our laws. It is time to locate and prosecute all illegal immigrants and bring back rule of law. Law must apply to all or the law is useless. Failure to enforce law shows contempt for law, and leads to anarchy. Enforce the laws. God Bless America and Cleanse Her of Those Who That Fail to Respect Her and Her Laws.

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