ObamaGate: United States republic in crisis.

Reports are surfacing all over the place of illegal surveillance of the Trump Campaign, Trump Transition, and that the Trump Collusion Investigation is just a lie created to overthrow a duly elected President Trump. The executive branch needs to be purged of these criminals and they need to put on trial and jailed. We can not have politically motivated individuals using our own systems that have been set up to protect us, to influence and change election results that they do not favor. It appears that the voice of the American People was ignored and they sought to take down President Trump by any means possible. The abuse of power by the Obama Administration and their cronies is coming to light. How many people are involved in this giant miscarriage of justice is yet to be seen. The American People have a right to know the truth, as they did when Watergate occurred. The American People want their country back, and want to see that justice and rule of law are restored and protected. God Bless America and help President Trump to ‘Make America Great Again’.

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