North Korea Should Worry.

The false alarm of an incoming ballistic missile in Hawaii should worry North Korea. North Korea is now a nuclear equipped enemy and should probably want to set up an emergency communications line with the United States because their country could have been destroyed as a retaliatory nuclear strike. The people of North Korea should worry that their country could be destroyed by an error of any number of systems. If an asteroid or piece of space debris were to set off our systems in a way that appeared to be a missile from North Korea, they could easily be destroyed by a US nuclear response. Many stories and movies have been made of the possibility of nuclear war from errors. North Korea should feel lucky today that they are still alive. North Korea may want to set up a system that ensures that they are not destroyed accidentally by the US. One missile launched and viewed as a threat could bring the complete destruction of their nation. We have at least seven nuclear submarines in the area, three B2 nuclear capable bombers in Guam, and multiple warheaded ICBMs, not including the three Navy carrier groups and their armaments. North Korea should think twice about taunting the United States. We could lose one or two cities, but they would lose their entire country and people. North Korea wanted to enter the big boy game but they can not destroy the world, The United States can. Caution should be used by North Korea, because one error can bring their destruction. God Bless America, and please bring sense to North Korea.

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