The American Soldier

The American Soldier is the pride of the United States of America. The American Soldier lives, fights, and sometimes dies, for the nation they love so much. The greatest patriotic Americans are those who serve in the United States military. The love they have for this great republic of the United States of America, is so much more than the average US citizen has. They live and breath the United States of America. They protect the United States of America, and represent her proudly, with respect, honor, and duty. They are the greatest and most feared warriors the world has ever known. They are the best of the best, and it is they who keep the light of freedom from being extinguished. Our active duty military, and our veterans, keep and hold the traditions of this great nation. 

The United States of America, is proud of its military and its service. The American People are having some problems lately, but we will work them out. Our traditions are under attack here in the United States, but with the help of President Trump, our military, and our veterans, we will bring back the American Spirit to its people. We will have our people respect our nation, our flag, our anthem, and our traditions, again. Love of country, pride in nation, and belief in God, are returning, and will continue to grow. The Main Stream Media, Democratic Liberals, and the Un-Americans, are trying to use and smear the lives lost by our military, for political points, and it is disgusting. General Kelly, did us proud, and lets hope they will listen.




The Great Patriots are brought home with honor, and not left on some distant battlefield to rot. The reverence and honor due to them, is not lost on the military, veterans, and their families. Let us grieve as a nation, but show the proper respect for the deceased heroes and their families. May God bless our military and keep them safe, and give comfort to those families who have lost someone. God Bless America.

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