Busy Days for President Trump.

President Trump has been very busy lately. Today he announced his new pick for Dept of Homeland Security. He signed an executive order undermining parts of Obamacare, that will allow insurance to be sold across state lines and to allow the sale of policies that do not require all the statutes of Obamacare policies. Yesterday he had a speech in Pennsylvania to let everyone know his Tax Plan. He also gave an exclusive interview to Fox News.

The Main Stream Media has been putting forward FAKE stories that have been refuted. The Democrats are in meltdown mode over President Trump’s executive order. North Korea is making threats of war, as usual. Iran says it will start up its nuclear program if President Trump decertifies the Iran Nuclear Deal. Overall President Trump is doing a wonderful job, and driving the liberal Democrats nuts.

President Trump, the American People thank you for your hard work and recognize your great love for this nation and its people. God Bless President Trump, and The United States of America.

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