The Tides Of Change.

The American People are beginning to see the change we have long sought. The Trump/Russia scandal is nearing its close with no evidence against the President. The Clinton Email scandal and the Uranium One scandal investigations are now being opened. The Clinton campaign and the DNC appear to have paid for the fake Trump/Russia dossier. The dossier was used to obtain the FISA warrants, and was even included in the intelligence report on Russia attempting to influence the election. The Podesta Group and Fusion GPS are now being placed under the microscope. We are still waiting to find out which Republican candidate was the original purchaser of the dossier. We are still awaiting the appointment of a second Special Counsel. The conflicts of interest that now are apparent require this appointment. Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, and various others are now witnesses and/or suspects in these investigations therefore making it unacceptable that they continue working on these investigations. Attorney General Sessions needs to appoint a second Special Counsel, that will overtake the Uranium One investigation, Clinton Email investigation, and the Political Espionage investigation. The cleaning out of the Executive branch is now a priority, and the investigations that are now beginning, at least demonstrate that the Trump Administration is attempting to bring back the Rule of Law. The American People are seeing the tides of change, and should be happy that we are returning to a traditional United States of America.



The time to take back our country is now. American history and traditions need to be taught once again. The Pledge Of Allegiance, respect for our Flag, respect for our National Anthem, respect for our nation, and national pride, as well as the belief in God, Justice, and the rule of law, all need to return to the American People. The US military and veterans, are the keepers of these traditions and many know our American history as well. They are the proudest, bravest, and strongest, Americans that anyone will ever know. They keep this nation free and now it is time for them to teach the rest of the nation, especially the younger generation, what it means to be Americans, and how to love this great republic of the United States of America. The disrespect of our nation, military, law enforcement, President, God, laws, and values, must be ended. The American citizens must be taught once again what “by the people, for the people” means. The people, are the American people, not the illegal immigrants, not the legal immigrants, and certainly not the foreigners who visit our nation. Only US citizens can vote and determine who our elected officials are, and what laws will govern us. In the United States, the US citizen is the most important US asset. The children today are being taught that this is not so, and that the rights of others, whether they be foreigners, immigrants, or illegal immigrants, supercede their own rights. The time has come to teach our children that the US citizen is above all others inside the United States, and that no one is above them due to race, religion, or creed.

A time of great change is upon us and the American Spirit is about to be renewed. The United States of America is about to become ‘Great Again’. God, morals, and rule of law are returning and gaining strength. Ignorance and evil, are being battled right now, and the righteous with the blessing of God shall overcome and win. God Bless America and give the American people the understanding needed to overcome the evil that sought to overcome us.

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