The United States Needs Your Help To Battle Her Enemies.

We need law and order to be restored in this nation. We need our children to be taught properly, how to be Americans. We need to rebuild our nations armed forces. We need to secure our borders and throw out anyone who does not belong. We need to stop waste and corruption within our cities, states, and federal government. We need to bring religion back into the lives of Americans. We need to instill the American Spirit back into our people. We need to develop beyond our existing technologies to take control of our future. We need to fight against evil and its many forms.

Today we have President Trump, and his message of ‘Make America Great Again’ and his policy of ‘America First’ have brought us hope of overcoming these evil forces and having God shine on us once again. The corruption in Washington DC is going to take time to drain, and we must believe it will happen. We can all help by voting, for people who will help our President. We must teach our children, family and American values. We must speak out against evil, and not let it take our voice from us or our children. We must report crime and corruption when we see it, or it will continue. We must take back our homes, cities, and country, from those who would take our rights, break our laws, and take our freedoms away. We are Americans and we are no one’s slaves. We will be the Greatest nation on earth again, and our people will prosper under our Constitution, Flag, and Anthem. God Bless America, and Make Her Great Again.

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