Was the Las Vegas Shooter a Former Spy?

The training necessary to pull off an attack of this magnitude is tremendous. The knowledge needed of firearms, explosives, surveillance and covert operations, all point to perhaps a former CIA operative. He obtained all his weapons and explosives without raising red flags. He has no digital signature, according to reports, and that is strange. He is said to be an accountant, but that does not account for his ability to bring in weapons and explosives, scope out situations for maximum damage, set up platforms, set up surveillance, and carry out the operation. No one knows anything about this man, and yet he was able to carry out an attack that was huge and horrendous. His knowledge, money, and abilities, show a highly trained individual, and that does not match the man being described by friends, family, and neighbors. The scope of what this man was capable of, all point to a highly trained covert CIA operative or other agency operative. I honestly believe that the people of that event, were lucky that this man was not able to inflict even higher casualties than he did. He did not use his explosives, and his bullets were unable to penetrate the fuel tanks.

God must be watching over us, because the information coming out, proves that this man wanted to create a much larger disaster. Thank God for his intervention. God Bless America, and Keep Her Safe. God Bless The American People, and Continue to Support Many to be Heroes. God Help All those Dead, and Injured by This Evil Man. Thank you to all the brave and heroic people at the Las Vegas attack.

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