The Threats of North Korea.

The threats coming from North Korea should not be ignored. We should respond with military action equal to their provocations. They shot a missile over Japan again. We should shoot a missile over North Korea. North Korea likes to think that it has the United states in a bind. China and Russia should do more to control North Korea. If they can not, then they should shut up and take a back seat. The United States does not give in to terrorism, and that is exactly what North Korea is displaying. We must act soon, or the world will view the United States as weak. North Korea has laid out its policy, and like them, we should respond in kind. We should be blockading them from the rest of the world, same as we did to Cuba. The greatest threat from North Korea is that they are arms dealers, and will sell their weapons for money, for any good price. This places the United States at a greater risk and the whole world, of losing a major city. North Korea deals with Iran, and we know both countries have no love for the United States. The United States needs to protect itself from this rogue nation before it is too late. The threat must be nullified before we lose a major city. Evacuate Seoul and attack at the next provocation. By doing so, we protect the United States and the whole world, from the misuse of nuclear weapons. If we wait, we will lose a major city, and that is unacceptable. If the world loses a major city because of our inaction, we would have failed to protect our People and allies. We have the resources and ability, and we have the responsibility to protect ourselves and the world. The time for games is over, and if North Korea wants to play with the big boys then they must learn such stupid threats will be taken seriously and with a serious response. The threats must end, or they must be eliminated. God Bless America and keep her safe.

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