Thank you, President Trump.

Thank you Mister President, for your leadership and courage. We, the American People, see the battles you are having with the Main Stream Media and the DC Establishment, and pray for your success. The American People stand behind our President and approve of your agenda. You need to tweet a little more, to let us know you are staying on course. The opposition is battering us with their deceits and lies, and we need to hear from you, so we can be given strength and reassurance. We elected you to lead us into prosperity and greatness, and we thank God for having you as our President.

The American People see you pursuing the Wall, but some have doubts of really getting it. If you really want to leverage Congress, we suggest having Military exercises at the southern border. Congress can not stop you from that action and it will give us, the American People, some confidence and reassurance. They can take out the drug smugglers and human traffickers, as well as deter illegals from crossing. Think about it.

The Russia news is fading from the Main Stream Media because now information is showing the false story and conspiracy to overthrow you and harm your administration. We need to know that you are cleaning up the executive branch, and what is being found by the committees. Please keep us informed, so we can keep pressure against the opposition. Obama, Clinton, Comey, DWS, and all the others need to be investigated and convicted. We, the American People, hope these investigations are taking place.

North Korea has been making open and hostile threats against the United States, and must be dealt with. They recently shot a missile a missile over Japan again, so we should shoot a missile over north Korea. The world can not call us the aggressors, by responding in same, as North Korea did. Also we should blockade them as we did to Cuba, so they can not send nuclear weapons to their buyers such as Iran.

Thank you for your leadership and that of your cabinet, for the response to the two major hurricanes that have hit the United States recently. Many American lives were saved, and you have helped greatly in easing the suffering. God Bless You and your cabinet. The Main Stream Media hates to admits it, but they know you did wonderfully. Thank You.

Thank you for bringing religion and moral guidance back into Americans lives. Faith and Prayers are good for the American People, and provide strength in times of stress. Thank God, and may he give us strength and his blessings. We, the American People, want to give You, President Trump, our sincerest wishes and hopes for your successful Presidency. God Bless America, and make her Great Again.

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