Battle: Media vs American People.

Many media outlets and individuals are so hostile to Trump supporters and conservatives. They spread lies and negative opinions, hoping the American People are stupid and ignorant enough to believe them. I know we are all seeing many stories about the criminal acts that various politicians and staffers are committing, and wondering if investigations are being pursued. I believe they are being pursued because we do not hear much from the main stream media about them. The main stream media is quick to make a story about the First Lady’s shoes, but you hardly hear anything about Russia anymore. The conspiracy against President Trump is rarely spoken of in the media. Former President Obama had the investigation into Hillary Clinton buried, before it was even finished. He also set up the Russia conspiracy to damage President Trump and his administration. The evidence coming out shows that President Trump is being targeted by the media, and that anything good done by President Trump is suppressed. The President and First Lady visited Florida thursday and passed out food to the survivors that they paid for and brought. The media says very little about it. The United States has been struck by two major hurricanes recently, but the great work and coordination by Federal, State, and local officials is down played. Normally we would see high death tolls, and people screaming about how poorly the response was. Federal, State, and local officials did a great job, and we thank them for it. The preparation, response, and recovery are so well organized that we are not hearing much from the main stream media. They refuse to tell the American People of anything good that President Trump or his administration have done. We, the American People are proud of our President. May God Bless President Trump and keep him safe. May God take down the fake news media companies that are trying to hurt the American People with their lies and falsehoods. May God grant strength and wisdom to the American People and punishment to those who would harm them. God Bless America.

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