Government, for the People, by the People.

The American People are under siege, and the war to take our country back is under way. We have many things that need to be changed and/or corrected. President Trump is our Commander in Chief, and is leading the way to a better future for The United States. Here are some of the major problems we have.

The Republic of the United States of America is built upon Democracy. This principal is one citizen gets one vote. If you are not a citizen than you can not vote. Voter fraud has been proven and it appears to be just as bad as President Trump has alleged. Many states are fighting the President’s commission on voter fraud. When the core principal of voting is interfered with, than the will of this republic’s people is not honored. Restrictions must be put in place to ensure that the process is maintained to the highest standard. Many illegals, felons, and permanent residents are voting. This is a violation and law and must be prosecuted. The democrats are trying to stop the President’s commission. The Russians did not affect our elections, but many votes that were cast inside the United States were fraudulent.

The Former President Obama, his administration, the intelligence agencies, and the deep state, have all conspired against President Trump, with the fake Russia story. The fake Russia Dossier. The fake claim that Russia hacked the DNC server. The political spying on a presidential candidate, and president-elect, using the NSA database. The fabrication of the whole Russia/Trump collusion story. The statements made on tv interviews, and sworn statements in front of Congress, that have now been proven false. The failure of the Main Stream Media to pursue this conspiracy and report it, are part of a cover up now to protect liberals, and keep their base from knowing the truth. Justice must be served, and we hope that this conspiracy is taken seriously and that convictions are coming.

The failure of the school systems to teach our children properly is a big issue. Our children are being indoctrinated with liberal ideas such as transgender, gay rights, black privilege, illegal immigrant rights, Muslim religion/teachings, while US History, English, World History, Math, science, pledge of allegiance, National Pride, and conservative views are being ignored. The education of our children is supposed to prepare them to be Patriotic Americans having the knowledge of our heritage and culture, and the basics of education. What are our schools teaching our children today? Ask your children basic US history questions and you too will be surprised at what they do not know. The United States is in serious trouble when its young people have no idea what it is like to be American Citizens. It appears we are being destroyed from the inside, and this is unacceptable.

The censorship that appears to be showing up now is also disconcerting. The FCC needs to start monitoring the suppression of conservative ideas and the enhancing of liberal ideas on all media platforms. Cable, radio, and internet are all being abused and censored and we need to correct this trend or lose ourselves as a nation.

The rule of law must be restored within the United States and the two tier justice system must be abolished. If the American People continue to see that justice for the poor does not exist than we as a republic may soon see a revolution by the people. Corruption is verified when the public knows that wrongdoing has been done and no actions have been taken to punish the wrongdoing. The executive branch is responsible for the prosecution and investigation of these crimes. Maybe it is time to make a list of ongoing investigations to made public. If the wrongdoings that we see, are not being investigated, then we have proof of a two tier system and corruption.

We need a border wall to stop illegal immigration, slave trade, drugs, and smuggling. The border wall needs to be funded, so the border can be secured. The military should probably be used to protect the southern border until the wall and more border patrol officials can be obtained. The illegals already inside our nation must be removed due to they are abusing many systems that should be for people who are legal. Medical, welfare, housing, school loans, voting, and many other services are being abused. The cost to the American People is outrageous and giving away our prosperity is unacceptable.

The corruption within our government needs to be taken care of soon or else we are going to fail as Rome did. Federal, State, and local governments should all be reviewed and corruption should be exposed and corrected. The swamp needs to be drained, but not just in Washington DC. The systems have allowed corruption for many years and must be restored to previous times or else our republic will fall. This is not an assumption, it is a reality as history has shown.

The Military needs to be strengthened and we need to make US interests a top priority. President Trump is working well on this, but more needs to be done. The United States should not be taking a backseat to any nation on this world. We also need to develop military technologies that will take us far ahead of other nations and ensure our success on the battlefield.

We need to develop the technologies necessary to bring us to the next stage of technological evolution. We have not had any major advances since world war two. We use fossil fuels and engines. We use rockets instead of field drives. We use missiles and projectiles instead of directed energy and various wave technologies. We use fission reactors instead of fusion reactors. We use binary computing when optical would provide so much more variations and uses. We use pills, shots, and chemo, when magnet, light, and sound, have many uses. We have many advances that need to occur, yet we are not pursuing them. Time to advance.

We are slowly bringing God back into society, and we need to analyze the worlds religions. Many religions of the world are intolerant about each other. President Trump could have a true Muslim ban if he wanted to pursue it. The Koran preaches intolerance of any other religion, and the destruction of any who are not Muslim. This goes against our right to religious freedom due to their religion seeks to destroy all others. This is a fact that can not be denied. Radical Islamist Terrorists participate in Jihad as written in the Koran. The Muslims, Jews, and Christians, all share the old testament but, due to divergences, now have made God seem as if he is different to each of them. World religions need to get together and discuss how to proceed past these religious dogma issues.

We have many things that need to addressed and this is only the beginning. May God Bless America, Keep Her Safe, and Guide Her According To His Will.

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