Greatest threat to US democracy.

The greatest threat to US democracy is within our voting systems. Our democracy is built upon the one citizen one vote principle. The attempted attacks by the Russians failed to change even one vote tally. The attack on our voting systems from within, is another issue. We had illegal immigrants vote in our last election and even some legal permanent residents voted. The Massachusetts DMV issued drivers licenses to illegal immigrants and they used those to vote in Boston in the 2016 elections. 6 arrests have been made of DMV personnel that were part of this illegal operation. How many other places in the US have had this happen? How many illegal immigrants now have false documents that allow them to vote as well as collect various various other benefits that are only supposed to be for US citizens and legal greencard holders? How many officials now sit in office due to these criminal illegal immigrants? How much are they costing the United States? I know President Trump is trying to evaluate the voting fraud, but what is being done to find, arrest, convict, and eventually deport, these criminals? Many people will say that the only crime many illegal immigrants are guilty of, is entering the US illegally. How many are driving motor vehicles? How many own motor vehicles? How many are on affordable housing? How many actually own homes or do they just rent? How many are on foodstamps? How many are on Medicaid? How many are on Medicare? How many are collecting SSDI (social security disability insurance)? How many are collecting Social Security benefits? How many US citizen children have they produced? Our democracy is truly at risk from within, and not just at a federal level. State and local governments are actually at a higher threat due to fewer votes being required. It is time to stop the abuses to our democracy before it is too late. We see illegals making their way into the US in the back of tractor trailers. What if it had been nuclear bombs instead of illegal immigrants? How did a tractor trailer make it into the US without proper inspection? Our national security and safety is also at risk here. We need to tighten our borders, build the wall, remove any corrupt custom officials, and make us safe. The illegal immigrants are making false identities, as well as identity theft, and obtaining legal documents to get benefits and undermine our sacred republic from within. What is being done to protect our most sacred right to vote? Soon we will only be a democratic republic in name only. US Citizenship, with all its benefits, is the reason many immigrants become US citizens. I remember when I was young, I heard of a long term plan by Mexico to take over the United States. The plan was to send as many Mexicans as they could to enter the United States and have them have babies that would be US citizens. Those babies would then be able to vote and take over the local, state, and federal governments of the US, and in the future annex the United States or Mexico into one country. I see this happening, do you? In this age of the computer, how come this is happening? The time has come to protect this great republic of the United States of America from the domestic threats as well as the foreign threats. Our great nation is under attack, we need to protect it!

Riots in Charlottesville Va.

Today we saw riots in Charlottesville Va. President Trump was right, that all sides who participated in the riot were wrong. We may not agree with the opinions of either side, but many seem to forget what the true situation was. The white supremacists had planned this rally for a long time and had pulled permits. Did the black lives matter group and antifasca do the same, or did they just show up? If the black lives matter group and antifasca had not shown up would there have been any violence? From what we saw, all groups were armed. The violence we saw is unacceptable, and the hate is very real from all sides. I find President Trump’s response to be the best thought out response and most accurate as well as truthful. We have too many people in our great nation that believe violence is acceptable to either suppress the views of others or express their views. The white supremacists believe white people are above all others. The black lives matter movement believes blacks are superior and want to end what they call white privilege. The antifasca want to suppress conservative views with violence and are fascists and hypocrites by their own words and actions. The attitudes of all these groups are wrong and do not represent all the american people. I would like to remind everyone that we are the land of the free, but also a land of laws. Today we see states and cities ignoring federal laws and regulations. We see news media, government officials, and those elected to congress, ignoring their sworn duties. What is next? We all seem to have forgotten our jobs and are allowing personal beliefs, bias, and feelings to control us, instead of having duty, honor, and pride guiding us. Where is the patriotism that united us after 9/11 ? Why is the pledge of allegiance gone from many schools? Why are our children believing in godlessness and lawlessness? Why is it normal to belittle, question, and ridicule, the lawful orders of the President of the United States? Our President Donald Trump deserves a lot more from the american people than he is receiving. I see chaos all around and it disturbs me, as it should you. I want the nation of my youth back. I want to be proud of america again. I want a younger generation that I can be confident in when it is their turn to control our great nation. What I see right now, makes me doubt that our great nation will survive in the hands of our youth in the future. Our children need to learn respect, duty, honor, national pride, faith, and the rules and laws that govern our nation. I believe in President Trumps motto, make america great again. We need to make america great again. All true americans need to open their eyes and see the problems, so we can work to correct them. We need to stand behind our President because he sees the problems and is working to correct them. It is time for the citizens of the United States to care about the future of the Republic. It is time to help President Trump resolve our problems and ‘Make America Great Again’. God bless our President, and The United States of America.

North Korea poses little threat to the United States.

North Korea poses little threat to the United States. North Korea is making threats to the United States and its allies that are simply laughable. The United States has stated what is publicly inside its arsenal, not what it actually has. Many top secret black projects were developed and some deployed, a long time ago when the USSR posed a true military threat to the United States. If only half the rumors are true, the citizens of the United States are quite safe. The greatest threat of North Korea is the selling nuclear weapons to other countries and terrorist organizations. President Trump has been making great strides to stop the threat, and threats of North Korea. Our military forces are in place, and ready to act, if necessary. The UN Security Counsel has issued new sanctions, and the countries of the world are uniting against North Korea. President Trump is taking control of the situation, and showing the world true leadership. Here in the United States, the main stream media and pathetic congressional politicians, like to belittle, resist, and stop the agenda, of our President and Commander in Chief. The United States is the most strongest and most technologically advanced country in the world. The American people are proud of our great nation, and we stand behind President Trump. North Korea needs to show the United States and its President more respect, not the other way around. North Korea could have been utterly destroyed, by just one of our nuclear submarines. North Korea needs to sit down and talk nicely to the United States and world countries, if it hopes to survive. President Trump has made it clear that the United States and its allies will not put up with terrorists, or their behavior. North Korea needs to decide, if it will be civilized and live in peace with the world, or act like terrorists and be destroyed.

New technology may allow small directed energy weapons.

A new technology that allows photons to be concentrated, may allow the creation of small handheld directed energy weapons. If the prototype being developed proves to function as the theory suggests, then the world is going to enter a new phase in advanced weaponry. According to the Interstellar Technologies spokesperson, the art of warfare may see drastic changes soon. We may soon see offensive and defensive weapon technologies that previously only existed in science fiction novels. According to the spokesperson, this discovery could be the next phase in human technological advancement that could even provide interstellar spaceflight and fusion energy generators. We will keep you posted on any new developments.