Riots in Charlottesville Va.

Today we saw riots in Charlottesville Va. President Trump was right, that all sides who participated in the riot were wrong. We may not agree with the opinions of either side, but many seem to forget what the true situation was. The white supremacists had planned this rally for a long time and had pulled permits. Did the black lives matter group and antifasca do the same, or did they just show up? If the black lives matter group and antifasca had not shown up would there have been any violence? From what we saw, all groups were armed. The violence we saw is unacceptable, and the hate is very real from all sides. I find President Trump’s response to be the best thought out response and most accurate as well as truthful. We have too many people in our great nation that believe violence is acceptable to either suppress the views of others or express their views. The white supremacists believe white people are above all others. The black lives matter movement believes blacks are superior and want to end what they call white privilege. The antifasca want to suppress conservative views with violence and are fascists and hypocrites by their own words and actions. The attitudes of all these groups are wrong and do not represent all the american people. I would like to remind everyone that we are the land of the free, but also a land of laws. Today we see states and cities ignoring federal laws and regulations. We see news media, government officials, and those elected to congress, ignoring their sworn duties. What is next? We all seem to have forgotten our jobs and are allowing personal beliefs, bias, and feelings to control us, instead of having duty, honor, and pride guiding us. Where is the patriotism that united us after 9/11 ? Why is the pledge of allegiance gone from many schools? Why are our children believing in godlessness and lawlessness? Why is it normal to belittle, question, and ridicule, the lawful orders of the President of the United States? Our President Donald Trump deserves a lot more from the american people than he is receiving. I see chaos all around and it disturbs me, as it should you. I want the nation of my youth back. I want to be proud of america again. I want a younger generation that I can be confident in when it is their turn to control our great nation. What I see right now, makes me doubt that our great nation will survive in the hands of our youth in the future. Our children need to learn respect, duty, honor, national pride, faith, and the rules and laws that govern our nation. I believe in President Trumps motto, make america great again. We need to make america great again. All true americans need to open their eyes and see the problems, so we can work to correct them. We need to stand behind our President because he sees the problems and is working to correct them. It is time for the citizens of the United States to care about the future of the Republic. It is time to help President Trump resolve our problems and ‘Make America Great Again’. God bless our President, and The United States of America.

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