North Korea poses little threat to the United States.

North Korea poses little threat to the United States. North Korea is making threats to the United States and its allies that are simply laughable. The United States has stated what is publicly inside its arsenal, not what it actually has. Many top secret black projects were developed and some deployed, a long time ago when the USSR posed a true military threat to the United States. If only half the rumors are true, the citizens of the United States are quite safe. The greatest threat of North Korea is the selling nuclear weapons to other countries and terrorist organizations. President Trump has been making great strides to stop the threat, and threats of North Korea. Our military forces are in place, and ready to act, if necessary. The UN Security Counsel has issued new sanctions, and the countries of the world are uniting against North Korea. President Trump is taking control of the situation, and showing the world true leadership. Here in the United States, the main stream media and pathetic congressional politicians, like to belittle, resist, and stop the agenda, of our President and Commander in Chief. The United States is the most strongest and most technologically advanced country in the world. The American people are proud of our great nation, and we stand behind President Trump. North Korea needs to show the United States and its President more respect, not the other way around. North Korea could have been utterly destroyed, by just one of our nuclear submarines. North Korea needs to sit down and talk nicely to the United States and world countries, if it hopes to survive. President Trump has made it clear that the United States and its allies will not put up with terrorists, or their behavior. North Korea needs to decide, if it will be civilized and live in peace with the world, or act like terrorists and be destroyed.

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