Syria-Turkey Conflict.

Syria-Turkey Conflict. First Syria is a nation in the middle of a civil war. The United States of America should NOT be involved another country’s civil war. Second the SDF (Syrian Defense Forces) are NOT the Syrian Government Forces but those who are trying to overthrow the Syrian Government. Third the Syrian Government has demanded the removal of US Troops from their country. Fourth the SDF assisted in the fight against the common foe ISIS but has no global standing on the world stage and can not request the US to assist them. Fifth Turkey is a US/NATO ally under treaty with the US. Sixth Turkey has now invaded another country without a declaration of war and without an act of war against it. Seventh the US and other NATO allies can refuse to assist Turkey in this invasion, but without a general condemnation from the majority of NATO members they can NOT engage against Turkey. Eighth the US can NOT act unilaterally against a treaty member in favor of an unrecognized military force that has no global standing. President Obama should never have placed the US in this situation 10 years ago. President Trump has his hands tied and the SDF must now make peace with the Syrian Government to combat the Turkish invasion. This will end the civil war and then an agreement/truce can be reached with Turkey.

All with the US out of the picture. The only thing that remains, is the question of Turkey’s role in the world and with its allies. Turkey is becoming aggressive and allying with Russia which is considered an adversary by NATO. How will the world determine Turkey’s position it now is in question. We will have to see how it plays out.